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Impressions from Iran: on headscarves

Impressions from Iran: on headscarves

Milda’s diary

In 1979, Iran underwent a revolution which changed the country unrecognisably. A monarchy, which had lasted 2500 years, was replaced with religious party. First of all, the government decided to make the whole country Islamic. Every single citizen must be a muslim. From then on, people wouldn’t have a choice as propagating and preaching about other religions could lead to death sentence. 

Women of Iran and their fashion

For me personally the most interesting part was women’s clothing. Islamic holly book Quran says that muslim women must wear something that covers not only the full length of arms and legs but has to also cover their bum. And most importantly, the hijab (scarf) shouldn’t be forgotten. But if a woman is a ‘good’ muslim she not only covers herself with scarf and long sleeves but also wears a chador. A chador is a big piece of cloth that that’s wrapped around the head and upper body, leaving only the face exposed. Curiously, chador can be directly translated into English: it means a tent.

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